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Empowering success in the surplus funds industry

At Excess Quest, we’re dedicated to helping businesses in the surplus funds industry succeed. With our expert virtual assistance services, including cold calling and skip tracing, and our comprehensive surplus funds lists, we’re the partner you need to take your business to the next level.

I highly recommend Excess Quest. They can build you a superior looking website, handle your marketing, as well as, provide skip tracing and lead generation services. If you are looking to automate any part of your surplus funds business, Excess Quest is your go to resource.

Nick Fullmer

I contacted EQ after my previous website hosting company went out of business. They were able to retrieve the website and redesign it. 10-10 Recommended.

Gary Price

The surplus funds lists they provide are top-notch and have allowed me to stay ahead of the competition. The EQ team is professional and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure I’m satisfied.

Gina Woods

Our Services

Virtual Assistants, Web Designers, Researchers. You name it and we have it.

Excess Quest has trained virtual assistants who are committed to help you closing more deals.

Nation Wide Weekly Skip Traced Lists

Just starting in this business and can not afford Pro LG Plan? Our team updates already skip traced lead reports daily so you can contact claimants instantly.

2022 Releases

Fresh Skip Traced Leads (November)

2022 Releases

Affordable &
Instantly Accessible

Our Research Team has compiled Excess Proceeds lists nationwide to provide you easier access to large number of data.

2022 Releases

Ohio Excess Funds Lists

2022 Releases

Georgia Excess Funds Lists

2022 Releases

Indiana Excess Funds Lists

2022 Releases

Texas Excess Funds Lists

More Lists Coming Soon

Excess Quest is currently working on bringing more fresh leads to you at affordable costs. Let’s help people claim what’s rightfully theirs.


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